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Hello and welcome to Heterarchy TV

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Rosemarie doing her 'PTC' within the heterarchy studio

Rosemarie doing her 'PTC' within the heterarchy studio

In preparation for our upcoming interior design trade mission to Bulgaria, we have been busy making a promotional film about the heterarchy approach and vision. A busy days filming, both within our studio and across a couple of project sites, interviewing clients, culminating in the final ‘PTC’s’ (pieces to camera – these TV guys love their acronyms) with both Rosemarie and myself. What struck us is just how much work goes into making what will be about five minutes of film.

For anyone who has never had to go in front of a camera before, you don’t realise until you do just how hard it is.  A combination of some general chit chat (which is easy until you have to repeat it almost word for word another twenty times for all of the different camera positions – it starts to get a bit surreal).  Then there is the ‘PTC’s’ – memorizing perhaps three or four sentences sounds really easy, until you actually do it and suddenly it is not so.

You will see the results soon as we will upload it onto the site, including the Bulgarian version.  We’re a bit worried that we might look like Mr and Mrs Wooden, but I’m sure the guys at Freeway IP Video will make the whole things look slick and polished.