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New Project Update. Luxury Apartment Interior Design

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Luxury Apartment Interior DesignWe’ve just uploaded this recently completed modern interior design concept for the conversion of a 1960’s office block into a series of contemporary apartments.

The building, located in Loughborough, is one of the more unusual residential conversion projects we have worked on.  The brief from the client was for a cool, crisp contemporary feel, with an essentially open plan layout that would suit entertaining and parties.

The design uses a high gloss lacquer red storage wall as an ‘island’, to provide some seperation with the option of having sliding doors to either side open or closed, dependant on what was required. The kitchen, which is very long and thin, is devised as a series of free-standing elements – this was essential to use the space but without having too many kithcen cabinets. Flooring throughout is a high gloss resin, being both durable and stunning.

To see the gallery page for this project click here – Luxury Apartment Interior Design Project Gallery – we’ll keep you posted on progress on site.

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Amazing 30 square metre, 24 room apartment design in Hong Kong

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Incredible transforming apartment interior design by Gary Chang

Incredible transforming apartment interior design by Gary Chang

This has to be seen to be believed! Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang has created an ingenious (if a little crazy) 24 room apartment out of his old family home, which measures a mere 30 square metres. Clever use of sliding and folding walls and furniture means he can transform the interiors around him to meet his every need. Check out his incredible, modern interior design maserpeice and watch a video at – click here.

World Interiors Day Anounced by the IFI

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The International Federation of Interior Architects & Designers has anounced that World Interiors Day will take place on the 29th May 2010.

This year’s theme, 10% for 90% is inspired by the 2009 IFI Design for All Award Winner, 10% Project, run by the Greenside Design Center, South Africa. The 10% project is an initiative that devotes 10% of the college’s annual notional teaching and learning time to community-based design intervention projects. This translates into the college “donating” four weeks of the formal curricula to community development, with the involvement of Interior, Graphic & Multimedia Design students as well as academic staff.

This May 29th we ask you to please take the time to consider 10% for 90% in keeping with IFI’s mandate to improve human living conditions through the improvement of the built environment. World Interiors Day is an international event created to provide an occasion to highlight the merits of the interior professions and their impact on the quality of life. It’s a day to actively engage professionals, design enthusiasts and the public at large to explore their creativity, imagination, vision and passion in recognition of the role of interior architecture/design in our society.

World Interiors Day is not a centrally organized event; rather, it is organized on a local level by individual interior designers all over the world. The main goal of World Interiors Day is to direct public attention towards the profession of Interior Architecture/Design, to enhance knowledge and understanding about the profession, and to encourage cooperation between professionals.