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Putting the spirit into space

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Mandir Interior Design CeilingThis is the first of a series of posts about designing religious, spiritual, sacred and meditation spaces. An emerging area of our work, we are interested in understanding how a space can be designed to embody spiritual or sacred characteristics.

Our interests are multi-demoninational ie. not specific to any one particular religion or faith. We have found by looking across the range of faiths and cultures it is possible to identify those elements that are universal across all. Perhaps these can be described as universally human characteristics, intrinsically tied to our shared natural existence. By tapping into these universal elements, we find it possible to engage with the whole spectrum of religions and faiths, developing concepts that have both universal relevance and provide specific visual reference to a particular faith.

We are at the beginning of our journey, although this is something that has interested the Heterarchy studio from the very beginning. We are in the process of completing our first Hindu temple in the UK, having designed all of the interior spaces including the main Mandir or shrine room. This project is currently on site, due to open in January 2011. We are also in the midst of designing a ‘Spiritual Centre’ in Holborn, Central London. This is also for a Hindu organisation but the concept behind the use and design of the building is quite different to anything that has been done before. More on this in a later post.

Over the course of these posts, we will be examining and investigating both our ongoing work within this field as well as looking at broader issues relating to designing religious and spiritual spaces. For more information specific to the religious and spiritual interior design services we provide click here. To see a short film which includes our Hindu Temple project click here.