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Off-site manufacturing set to prosper in drive to cut construction waste

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Off-site manufacture of bathroom 'pods'. Image credit -

Off-site manufacture of bathroom 'pods'. Image credit -

The  industry of manufacturing building elements off site is expected to rise in popularity, due in particular to the governments drive to cut waste. Something we at the heterarchy design studio have been continuosly interested and involved in, we would welcome this upturn in popularity. Many of our clients will bear witness to the fact that we are the first to proclaim all of the positive benfits such methods can bring to any development, regardless of size or budget.

Obvious benefits include easier quality control (leading to better building standards), reduction of on-site programme times,  saving costs through minimising on-site waste, damage and theft, plus the ability to synchronise manufacture and supply with on-site demand (just-in-time). Less obvious benefits include the ability to ensure responsible sourcing through the entire supply chain, designing buildings through their entire life cycle (including dis-assembly and re-use of modules) and improved working conditions.

For more detailed information visit to read an in-depth article on the subject>

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