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Second home new-build developments provide welcome relief amidst economic uncertainty

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According to a recent report by Knight Frank, the development of new build second homes have been providing the construction sector with some welcome relief during the recession, and will continue to do so through the current economic uncertainty.

  • After a slight decline of 0.4% in 2008 the number of second homes in Britain rose by 2.6% in 2009, to reach record levels of 245,384.
  • Knight Frank expects to see a further 2% rise in the total to more than 250,000 in 2010.
  • Forecasts by Deloitte and Oxford Economics suggest that between now and 2020 the amount of money spent by Britons holidaying in the UK is predicted to grow by 2.6% a year in real terms.
  • The amount of money spent by foreigners holidaying in the UK is predicted to grow by 4.4% a year.
  • Growth in UK tourism over the past three years has expanded beyond usual popular months with the highest growth in bookings seen in September and October, as well as Christmas and New Year.
  • 67% growth in nights spent in self-catering apartments in the UK between 2007 and 2010.
  • Growing demand is boosting yields. Good quality holiday lets typically offer between 5% and 7% gross rental yields, often achieving higher yields than properties let on shorthold tenancies.

To see the report in full click here to visit the Knight Frank website>

With increasing numbers of holiday makers looking to the UK as a destination of choice, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that the quality of holiday properties is better then ever. A good standard of accommodation is expected, both in terms of the quality of the development and the architecture and interior design of the individual homes.

The Heterarchy studio provide architecture and interior design services for a wide range of project types, for more information get in touch.

New Simplicity event, Brompton, London

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branca modern interior design chair

The recent event ‘New Simplicity’ based in Brompton, London aimed to bring together famous names and new designers in the furniture world.  Newly named design classics such as the ‘Branca’ chair for Mattiazzi were exhibited alongside new prototypes created using modern 3D printing technologies.  The aim was to show that ‘Even the simplest of things are made using complex processes,’ says curator, Nuno Coelho.

Classic products such as the calculator had been reworked to show that any product, no matter its age can be redesigned to become more functional and user friendly.  The main focus of the event was on simple functionalism in modern interior design and its associated furniture and products.  Many of the designers exhibiting addressed this through the stripping back of ornamentation of everyday products, focusing on product usability and function.  Hopefully these new prototypes and designs are as usable as they claim to be and are the future modern interior design accessories.


Heterarchy enter competition to design multi-faith centre

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As part of the Heterarchy studio’s ongoing interest in designing for Religious and Spiritual groups, we have entered a competition aimed at providing multi-faith communities with solutions that enable them to house all of the different groups within one building.

As challenging as this may seem, our creative director Rosemarie Fitton has this to say, ‘If you trace back the origins of all religions and faiths, you’ll find their symbols and visual language all contain certain underlying elements that are universal. The use of sacred geometry based upon the universal laws of nature give us a great starting point when looking for common themes and meanings. We know it’s entirely feasible to design a [religious and spiritual] centre that can be used by an entire community.’

We’re currently in the process of developing design concepts, looking at both the architecture of the building as well as the interior design. For more information on temple interior design and design for religious and spiritual buildings click here.

Putting the spirit into space

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Mandir Interior Design CeilingThis is the first of a series of posts about designing religious, spiritual, sacred and meditation spaces. An emerging area of our work, we are interested in understanding how a space can be designed to embody spiritual or sacred characteristics.

Our interests are multi-demoninational ie. not specific to any one particular religion or faith. We have found by looking across the range of faiths and cultures it is possible to identify those elements that are universal across all. Perhaps these can be described as universally human characteristics, intrinsically tied to our shared natural existence. By tapping into these universal elements, we find it possible to engage with the whole spectrum of religions and faiths, developing concepts that have both universal relevance and provide specific visual reference to a particular faith.

We are at the beginning of our journey, although this is something that has interested the Heterarchy studio from the very beginning. We are in the process of completing our first Hindu temple in the UK, having designed all of the interior spaces including the main Mandir or shrine room. This project is currently on site, due to open in January 2011. We are also in the midst of designing a ‘Spiritual Centre’ in Holborn, Central London. This is also for a Hindu organisation but the concept behind the use and design of the building is quite different to anything that has been done before. More on this in a later post.

Over the course of these posts, we will be examining and investigating both our ongoing work within this field as well as looking at broader issues relating to designing religious and spiritual spaces. For more information specific to the religious and spiritual interior design services we provide click here. To see a short film which includes our Hindu Temple project click here.

A new member of the interior design team

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interior designers LeicesterWe are pleased to announce the appointment of a new member of our interior design team. Jenni Welings, who has literally just finished at Nottingham Trent University School of Architecture, having completed her degree in Interior Architecture. Jenni was one of our interns from last year, having proved herself to be a creative, hard working and very professional interior designer. We are happy to welcome her on-board, based in our Leicester office.

New Project Update. Luxury Apartment Interior Design

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Luxury Apartment Interior DesignWe’ve just uploaded this recently completed modern interior design concept for the conversion of a 1960’s office block into a series of contemporary apartments.

The building, located in Loughborough, is one of the more unusual residential conversion projects we have worked on.  The brief from the client was for a cool, crisp contemporary feel, with an essentially open plan layout that would suit entertaining and parties.

The design uses a high gloss lacquer red storage wall as an ‘island’, to provide some seperation with the option of having sliding doors to either side open or closed, dependant on what was required. The kitchen, which is very long and thin, is devised as a series of free-standing elements – this was essential to use the space but without having too many kithcen cabinets. Flooring throughout is a high gloss resin, being both durable and stunning.

To see the gallery page for this project click here – Luxury Apartment Interior Design Project Gallery – we’ll keep you posted on progress on site.

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Amazing 30 square metre, 24 room apartment design in Hong Kong

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Incredible transforming apartment interior design by Gary Chang

Incredible transforming apartment interior design by Gary Chang

This has to be seen to be believed! Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang has created an ingenious (if a little crazy) 24 room apartment out of his old family home, which measures a mere 30 square metres. Clever use of sliding and folding walls and furniture means he can transform the interiors around him to meet his every need. Check out his incredible, modern interior design maserpeice and watch a video at – click here.

World Interiors Day Anounced by the IFI

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The International Federation of Interior Architects & Designers has anounced that World Interiors Day will take place on the 29th May 2010.

This year’s theme, 10% for 90% is inspired by the 2009 IFI Design for All Award Winner, 10% Project, run by the Greenside Design Center, South Africa. The 10% project is an initiative that devotes 10% of the college’s annual notional teaching and learning time to community-based design intervention projects. This translates into the college “donating” four weeks of the formal curricula to community development, with the involvement of Interior, Graphic & Multimedia Design students as well as academic staff.

This May 29th we ask you to please take the time to consider 10% for 90% in keeping with IFI’s mandate to improve human living conditions through the improvement of the built environment. World Interiors Day is an international event created to provide an occasion to highlight the merits of the interior professions and their impact on the quality of life. It’s a day to actively engage professionals, design enthusiasts and the public at large to explore their creativity, imagination, vision and passion in recognition of the role of interior architecture/design in our society.

World Interiors Day is not a centrally organized event; rather, it is organized on a local level by individual interior designers all over the world. The main goal of World Interiors Day is to direct public attention towards the profession of Interior Architecture/Design, to enhance knowledge and understanding about the profession, and to encourage cooperation between professionals.

Hello and welcome to Heterarchy TV

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Rosemarie doing her 'PTC' within the heterarchy studio

Rosemarie doing her 'PTC' within the heterarchy studio

In preparation for our upcoming interior design trade mission to Bulgaria, we have been busy making a promotional film about the heterarchy approach and vision. A busy days filming, both within our studio and across a couple of project sites, interviewing clients, culminating in the final ‘PTC’s’ (pieces to camera – these TV guys love their acronyms) with both Rosemarie and myself. What struck us is just how much work goes into making what will be about five minutes of film.

For anyone who has never had to go in front of a camera before, you don’t realise until you do just how hard it is.  A combination of some general chit chat (which is easy until you have to repeat it almost word for word another twenty times for all of the different camera positions – it starts to get a bit surreal).  Then there is the ‘PTC’s’ – memorizing perhaps three or four sentences sounds really easy, until you actually do it and suddenly it is not so.

You will see the results soon as we will upload it onto the site, including the Bulgarian version.  We’re a bit worried that we might look like Mr and Mrs Wooden, but I’m sure the guys at Freeway IP Video will make the whole things look slick and polished.

Heterarchy to design interiors of new Hindu Temple

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Rosemarie and Jenni ponder the potential of this huge space

Rosemarie and Jenni ponder the potential of this huge space

Heterarchy have been appointed to design the interiors for the new Hindu BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha temple in Leicester, UK. The brief involves creating a series of contemporary interpretations of the traditional Swaminarayan temple interior.  The site is an existing factory complex, covering some 30,000 square feet.  In terms of a conversion of an existing industrial building it is about as radical a transormation as it gets. As far as we can tell we are possibly the first western interior design consultancy to be asked to design an interior of a Hindu Temple, and in particular be the mandir designers for the project.

This is an ideal project for our creative director Rosemarie Fitton as she has always held a keen interest in Sacred and Spiritual architecture, completing her BA thesis and major project on the subject – “This is a great opportunity for us, in fact we feel privileged to be involved in such an amazing project.  Hopefully as our knowledge and experience within this field grows we might also develop a new aspect to our business.”

The project is due for completion by August 2009