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Berlin, The Jewish Museum, an Art Gallery and a street play. (Part Two)

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Along with the visit to the Jewish museum, local art galleries and the Zoo, the streets of Berlin were electric with celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. After visiting the Jewish Museum Jenni (like every other woman) was ready for some retail therapy, of which she thought wouldn’t be hard to find in Berlin. Little did she know, this weekend most of Europe had penciled something in their calender.

Walking along the streets of Berlin trying to figure out why all the shops are closed and why the city centre is packed with crowds of people, Jenni was trying to work out what was happening on what she thought to be just another weekend. She spotted something in the distance. A massive walking, blinking, moving giant. No really! Jenni had stumbled across a several-day performance by France’s Royal de Luxe street theatre company titled “The Berlin Reunion”.

Featuring what can be described as large animated puppets, the Big Giant, a deep sea diver, and his niece, the Little Giantess. Based around a heart felt performance of two loved ones separated by a wall. The Big Giant, returning from a long and difficult expedition, has successfully destroyed the wall and now the two family members walk the streets of Berlin to find each other.

1.5 million people converged on the streets of Berlin to follow the performance. The unique approach to each Royal de Luxe’s performances is that they are designed to be stumbled upon, which is exactly what Jenni did. They allow you to interpret, imagine and take something away and briefly be apart of a fantastic story.

I wonder if Jenni will put this in her dissertation somewhere?

Art, sport and life

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It’s not very often that these three things come together with as mush success as they have at a new exhibition called ‘STAGES‘. Instigated by legendary cyclist, art lover and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong with fellow art lover and CEO of Nike, Mark Parker.  The aim of the exhibition is to raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer, it includes work from over twenty artists;  each artist has produced a unique piece, inspired by Lance as both a cyclist and cancer survivor.

It follows hot on the heels of the much publicised cycles that Lance has ridden in this years Tour De France, designed by artists and designers such as Damien Hirst and Marc Newson, as part of Lance’s LIVESTRONG global strategy to put fighting cancer at the top of the agenda across the world.

Here at the Heterarchy studio we enjoy both art and cycling, so for us the work produced for this exhibition is particularly interesting.  It’s fascinating to see how artists from around the globe have interpreted the brief in very different ways, many citing direct personal experiences with cancer sufferers and survivors.  The Stages exhibition is on at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris until August 8th, however you can see it all at the website – go check it out…