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Exciting New Lighting by Ingo Maurer

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BangBoom! Zettel'z' by Ingo Maurer, 2010

Inspirational lighting designer, Ingo Maurer has designed a new chandelier.  The design for the light is inspired by artist Roy Lichenstein with 80 printed sheets hanging from a frame of stainless steel wires and lit by halogen bulbs.  The illustrations on the printed sheets are designed by Thilo Rothacker and help in creating a colourful and playful chandelier.  The chandelier is called the BangBoom! Zettel’z and is limited edition design of the BangBoom! Zettel 5 which had the same form but featured, instead of illustrations, sheets covered in love letters.  The original chandelier allowed the owner to contribute to their own interior design by clipping their personal love letters to the chandelier.  Ingo Maurer has been creating inspirational lighting for interior design since 1966, when his first piece the ‘Bulb’ table lamp went on sale.

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New Simplicity event, Brompton, London

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branca modern interior design chair

The recent event ‘New Simplicity’ based in Brompton, London aimed to bring together famous names and new designers in the furniture world.  Newly named design classics such as the ‘Branca’ chair for Mattiazzi were exhibited alongside new prototypes created using modern 3D printing technologies.  The aim was to show that ‘Even the simplest of things are made using complex processes,’ says curator, Nuno Coelho.

Classic products such as the calculator had been reworked to show that any product, no matter its age can be redesigned to become more functional and user friendly.  The main focus of the event was on simple functionalism in modern interior design and its associated furniture and products.  Many of the designers exhibiting addressed this through the stripping back of ornamentation of everyday products, focusing on product usability and function.  Hopefully these new prototypes and designs are as usable as they claim to be and are the future modern interior design accessories.


Energise your business with an interactive multi-touch bar.

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It’s amazing! A high resolution, interactive glass bar surface that is designed to encourage customers to engage with each other and your company. The high quality images and accurate tracking capabilities, all of which can be customised to your own theme or use, react as the customer touches the surface.

The ‘iBar’ encourages companies to think about the direct relationship between design and customer engagement. Recently featured on ITVs ‘X Factor’, the durable bar can be used in a variety of environments e.g. bars, reception areas, restaurants, promotional stands and more.

The usage is completely up to you as well – you can entertain your customers whilst they buy a drink, promote a new menu or use it as a platform for an interactive game. The multi-touch interactive surface is a very clever way to enhance your customers experience and engage with you and your brand.

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Interactive multi-touch glass bar. Engage with your customers.

Interactive multi-touch glass bar. Engage with your customers.