Exciting New Lighting by Ingo Maurer

BangBoom! Zettel'z' by Ingo Maurer, 2010

Inspirational lighting designer, Ingo Maurer has designed a new chandelier.  The design for the light is inspired by artist Roy Lichenstein with 80 printed sheets hanging from a frame of stainless steel wires and lit by halogen bulbs.  The illustrations on the printed sheets are designed by Thilo Rothacker and help in creating a colourful and playful chandelier.  The chandelier is called the BangBoom! Zettel’z and is limited edition design of the BangBoom! Zettel 5 which had the same form but featured, instead of illustrations, sheets covered in love letters.  The original chandelier allowed the owner to contribute to their own interior design by clipping their personal love letters to the chandelier.  Ingo Maurer has been creating inspirational lighting for interior design since 1966, when his first piece the ‘Bulb’ table lamp went on sale.

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