Heterarchy enter competition to design multi-faith centre

As part of the Heterarchy studio’s ongoing interest in designing for Religious and Spiritual groups, we have entered a competition aimed at providing multi-faith communities with solutions that enable them to house all of the different groups within one building.

As challenging as this may seem, our creative director Rosemarie Fitton has this to say, ‘If you trace back the origins of all religions and faiths, you’ll find their symbols and visual language all contain certain underlying elements that are universal. The use of sacred geometry based upon the universal laws of nature give us a great starting point when looking for common themes and meanings. We know it’s entirely feasible to design a [religious and spiritual] centre that can be used by an entire community.’

We’re currently in the process of developing design concepts, looking at both the architecture of the building as well as the interior design. For more information on temple interior design and design for religious and spiritual buildings click here.

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