New Store Design from Apple.

From their products and packaging to their customer service and retail stores, Apple have a strong grasp of their market, their brand and their customer. Set to open its door Friday night in Scottsdale, Arizona, Apple will reveal their new approach. (Pictured Below)

New Apple store in Arizona set to open soon.

New Apple store in Arizona set to open soon.

The thing we like is it has been designed around the customer. The open layout, easy navigation and 50 foot ‘Genius Bar’ bar welcomes passers-by to walk in – everyone is invited. The store has two shopfronts of frame-less glass, enabling you to see right the way through the building. This is both spectacular and practical. This gives the building a sense of openness and trust – what you see is what you get.

Apple have done it again – they have created something which is simple, beautifully lit with natural light from 75 foot skylight and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly is it focused around the products and customer engagement. Another thing to cross off the to-do list!

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