So what on earth does heterarchy mean anyway?

network-2d1We spend a fair bit of our time saying it again but slower, spelling it out, or just generally observing people struggle with it in a multitude of ways. So why, you may ask, do we perservere with such a seemingly difficult name?  The answer is actually very simple – because it’s of such fundamental importance to the way we run our business.

If you look it up you will see that a heterarchy is the opposite of a heirarchy – a horizontal organisational structure comprised of multiple equal elements.  In relation to our business it relates to the following:


Design is most effective when used as part of a strategic vision.  Whether for a retail brand or a private house, understanding every single aspect of a situation allows for an informed strategy to be put in place that relates to the entirety of a project.  To put in place an effective strategy it is essential that the project team includes specialists who can be responsible for individual components of the strategy.  Within this project context, our role is to facilitate the process and establish and maintain the creative vision.

Since our inception in 2001 we have built up a strong network of technical and creative professionals working across a range of project types.  Our network of strategic partners is still growing.


Within our office and within a broader  project team we actively seek to engage the creative participation of everyone involved.  Within our office this means sharing ideas and holding open creative meetings, where an idea is judged on its own merits rather than on whose idea it is (great ideas often come from the unlikliest of places!).  Within the context of a project team, we think it is important to involve every member of the team, regardless of their role or profession, in the creative dialogue (this includes the client).  This enables a broader understanding of the project and its component parts.  Whether working with businesses or families, it allows all of the ‘stakeholders’ to have their input.


This is the ultimate aim of our way of working.  We place ourselves within the centre of a project, where we establish the creative goals and vision.  Our role is to facilitate the process through every stage of the project, right through to completion.  This degree of involvement and continuity allows for the implementation to be monitored,  any issues that arise can be dealt with by the most appropriate member of the team.  This leads to a process of continual learning, which over time accumulates into a fantastic wealth of practical knowledge.

By working in this way, placing ourselves at the creative hub, we are able to provide a flexible and adaptable service.  In real terms this means working on projects of many different types, sizes and budgets.  We are not a  ‘jack of all trades’, we surround ourselves with project experts.  We maintain the creative vision.

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